You will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40

Section 1 is a conversation between Fred and Mary about a farewell party.

Section 2 is a brief introduction to the college by Richard Thomas who is head of the chemistry department in the college.

Section 3 is a conversation between 2 students who are talking about a survey.

Section 4 is a lecture on Corporate crimes.

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Section 1

Questions 1-10

Choose the correct letter, A-CWhose idea was it to hold the party?

A. Fred’s                        B. A few close friends                            C. Mary’s

Example: A

Question 1

Choose the correct letter, A-C

1. How much time do Mary and Fred have to prepare everything for the party?

A. About four hours

B. Two hours

C. About three hours

Questions 2 and 3

Answer the questions. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

2. Where did Fred leave the list of things to do?_______________________

3. What time did Jim say he would arrive at Fred’s house?___________________

Question 4

Choose the correct letter, A-C

4. How much wine will Mary buy?

A. 15 bottles of red and IS white

B. 15 white and 35 red

C. 25 red and 15 white

Question 5

On the map below, choose the letter representing the liquor store. Note: S means ‘supermarket’

Ielts material listening practice test 04

Question 6

Answer the question. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

6. Where are the glasses that Sally borrowed? __________________

Question 7 and 8

Choose two-letter, A-E

The meat for the barbecue are flavoured with 7 ___________& 8___________.

A. Salt

B. Chilli

C. Garlic

D. Pepper

E. Honey

Question 9 and 10

Answer the questions. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

9. Apart from French bread, what is another thing that Mary will buy?_____________

10. What will she carry it/them in?______________

Section 2

Question 11-20

Questions 11-12

Answer the questions. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND A NUMBER for each answer.

11. What is the name of the college?__________________

12. When was the college founded?___________________

Questions 13 and 14

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Why did the school move out of London?

A. The surroundings had become unpleasant

B. It was given some cheap land in east England.

C. An English millionaire gave the school 65 million pounds.

D. The Second World War started

E. Sir Gifford Reads gave the school a big sum of money to move.

Question 15

Answer the following question. Write A NUMBER.

15. What year did the school open in cast England?______________

Question 16

Choose the correct letter, A-C

16. In 1858, the school had_________________.

A. just female students

B. just male students

C. both male and female students

Question 17-19

Complete the following sentences. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

In fact, the school is very famous for its 17__________________.The 18 ______________, used to say, A 19_____________ in a healthy body’

Question 20

Choose the correct letter, A-C.

20. What team sports does Mr. Thomas say are played at the school?

A. Rugby, soccer, and American football

B. Basketball and water polo

C. Soccer and cricket

Section 3

Question 21-30

Questions 21

Choose the correct letter, A-C

A. John and Ann have both finished writing their survey reopens.

B. John has finished and Ann has nearly finished.

C. Both of them have nearly finished.

Questions 22 and 23

Complete the following sentences. Write ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer.

22. The X axis of John’s graph is the____________ variable.

23. John divided his survey population into____________ groups.

Question 24

Choose the correct letter,  A-C

24. The relationship between time spent watching TV and reading ability is____________.

A. the same for teenagers as it is for people in their fifties

B. almost the same for people in their forties as it is for those in their fifties

C. very different between teenagers and people in their twenties

Question 25-26

Choose the correct answer.

John’s survey shows that

25. people now in their fifties read as much as they used to.

True               False                   Not Given

26. forty and fifty-year-old watch television more than they used to and their reading level have not declined.

True                False                  Not Given

Question 27-30

IELTS Listening Practice Test 4

Complete the following sentences.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

27. On the above chart, the arrow point the percentage of _______________ people.

28. The Y (horizontal) axis is the usual number of _________________ meals per ______________.

29. Ann ask people about their eating, weight, and __________________.

30. Richard weighs 260 kilograms, short, fat and _______________.

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Questions 31

Choose ONE letter, A-C

31. What types of Corporate crime will the course cover?

A. All white-collar crime

B. Cases of CEOs bribing government officials without telling their colleagues

C. Cases involving corporate culture

Questions 32-36

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

The course will try to identify what corporate criminals share in terms of 32.___________ and 33.__________ .An interesting part of corporate crime is the 34._____________ of detection, trial, and punishment. Before it is detected by the 35. _____________, it often seems that it goes on for an unreasonable length of time. There is also a 36._______________ that people found guilty of corporate crimes are treated more leniently by the courts.

Question 37

Choose the correct letter, A-C

37. In 1980, the Ford Motor Company was put on trial for______________.

A. reckless homicide

B. tax evasion

C. corporate greed

Questions 38-40

Complete the following sentences.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

38. Companies sometimes exaggerate their profits to increase____________________.

39. The Wall Street Journal ran an article saying Enron might have been President Bush’s______________.

40. The Bush administration’s_____________might have been design to help Enron.


Section 1

1. C

2. in the library

3. around 5

4. C

5. Y

6. in the cupboard

7 & 8 Garlic or Pepper

9. paper Napkins

10. rucksack

Section 2

11. Royal Hospital College

12. in 1694

13. A

14. E

15. 1963

16. C

17. choir and orchestra

18. Romans

19. healthy mind

20. B

Section 3

21. C

22. dependent

23. five

24. B

25. False

26. True

27. obese

28. fast food

29. exercise

30. no muscle

Section 4

31. C

32. psychology

33. organization culture

34. process

35. authorities

36. common perception

37. A

38. their share prices

39. biggest financial backers

40. national energy plan

Source: IELTS Material