Academic IELTS Writing task 1 Sample 5 – The table below gives information about the underground railway systems in six cities


The table below gives information about the underground railway systems in six cities.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

                                         Underground Railways Systems

City Date opened Kilometres of route Passengers per year
(in millions)
London 1863 394 775
Paris 1900 199 1191
Tokyo 1927 155 1927
Washington DC 1976 126 144
Kyoto 1981   11   45
Los Angeles 2001   28   50

Model Answer 1:
The table provided gives information on the underground railway systems in terms of the routes covered, passengers travelling annually and the year the railway system was initiated. The indicated information in the table is for six cities.

As per the table, the oldest underground railway service provider is in London and also covers the longest rail routes (1863 and 394 km of routes). On the other hand, Los Angeles is the latest as it opened in 2001 and covers the second least railway route of 28 km.

Furthermore, Tokyo railway service initiated in 1927 but consists the largest number of travellers (1927 passengers) among all other six cities, while It is Kyoto that consists of the least number of travellers (45 passengers).

Overall, two of the oldest systems are London and Paris but it is Paris and Tokyo that has a large number of passengers travelling annually; meanwhile, it is London that has the largest route travelled (394 km).

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Sample Answer 2:
The supplied table gives data on underground railway system in six metropolitan cities namely: London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles. As is observed, London railway system is the oldest among six and has the longest rail route and the most recent railway system in Los Angeles having a small route and fewer passengers using the railway system each year.

London railway system was opened in 1863 and has a total of 394 km. route. Paris railway system was started in 1900 and has 199 km. route but has a far larger passenger (1191 million per year) than the London railway (775 million passengers per year). Again, Tokyo railway has the largest passengers using the system and this railway station was started in the year 1927.

Two most recent railway stations are Kyoto and Los Angeles those started in the year 1981 and 2001 consecutively and have 11 and 28 km. of routes only. The 11 km. route of Kyoto railway station is the smallest route among the mentioned six cities.

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Sample Answer 3:
The given table shows data on underground railway system of six cities namely London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles and compares these rail stations opening date, route and passengers number. As is observed from the given data, London underground railway system was established before other railway systems of other cities and they have the largest route for this railroad. But Tokyo railway system has the highest number of passengers per year among the given cities.

London railway system was established in 1863, which makes it the oldest underground railway system and it has more than 390 km route which is also the largest route among these six cities. Each year more than 700 million passengers use these underground railway stations of London. Paris underground railway system was started in 1900 and it has almost 200 km route with more than 1190 millions of passengers. Again Tokyo underground railway system has the largest passengers (more than 1900 millions) and it was established in 1927 that has 155 km of route. Kyoto underground railway system was opened in 1981 and it has the smallest route of 11 km and least passengers (45 millions) use this system among the mentioned six cities. Washington Dc and Los Angeles underground railway systems were established in 1976 and 2001 with comparatively smaller routes and few passengers. The Los Angeles underground railway system is the latest railway system in terms of the date it was opened and has the second smallest route (28 km) and passengers (50 millions).

In conclusion, the oldest underground railway system is in London and Tokyo has the largest number of passengers of their underground railway system.

Model Answer 4:
The given table provides data about the underground rail transit systems in six different cities namely London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles. The statistics provided are the year opening the railway systems, the kilometres of route and the total number of travellers per year in millions.

As is given in the table, London railway service was the first to launch compared to other five cities, i.e., in 1863, and it covers a total distance of 394 kilometres. By contrast, the city of Los Angeles has the newest underground railway, which was opened in 2001, and it falls under the second least used with mere 50 million commuters and the second shortest length with just 28 kilometers, whereas the Kyoto railway system stands at the last spot with 45 million people and 11 kilometers length respectively.

Interestingly, the Tokyo rail transit system which was built in the year 1927, has the highest number of passengers, which accounts for 1927 million followed by Paris with a large user base of 1191 million.

Overall, it can be inferred from the presentation that most of the early built and longest rail routes have significantly higher number of passengers, compared to modern and short length transit systems.

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