English Idioms 2


Phần tiếp theo của English Idioms, IE chắc chắn bạn sẽ thích video này và thấy thật dễ nhớ dễ hiểu Thành ngữ tiếng Anh.

1)Look Out of sorts = not feeling well

2)Penny for your thoughts ?= tell me what you are thinking

3)Lend an ear = listen

4)Cry over spilt milk= get upset over something that cannot be changed

5)Hit the mark = to be successful

6)To top it all off= to make it even worse

7)Go back to square one = back to the beginning

8)Adding fuel to the fire right now =making me more angry

9)Butterflies in my stomach =feel nervous

10)Put me on the spot = ask me a difficult questions

11)made fun of = teased , criticized

12)Out of the frying pan and into the fire= going from a bad situation to a worse one

13)Come to their senses = begin to think correctly

14)On pins and needles = anxious

15)Pull myself together = control my emotions

16)In the nick of time =at the last possible moment

17)Keep my fingers Crossed = hoping

18)Over the moon =very happy

19)Beat around the bush = avoid saying what is important

20) get straight to the point = talk directly about the subject

21)Go out of your mind = go crazy

22)In a nutshell = in a few words

23)In the dark about = don’t know

24)The ball in my court= it’s my turn to take responsibility

25) burn the midnight oil = work late

26) Night owl= like to stay up late

27)Run out of time = have no more time to complete something

28) like shooting fish in a barrel = extremely easy

29) ask someone to lend a hand = help

30) get back on your feet = successful again after having pry

31)A blessing in the disguise =something good that not recognized

32) apple of my eye = someone I cherish

33) Doing your best = do as well as you can

34) Turn over a new leaf = changing your attitude for the better

35) Hit the nail on the head=be exactly right about something

36) let it go = don’t think about it

37) Music to my ears= pleasant to her

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