English Idioms 3

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Phần tiếp theo của English Idioms. IE chắc chắn bạn sẽ thích video này và thấy thật dễ nhớ dễ hiểu thành ngữ tiếng Anh. Bởi các thành ngữ đều được minh hoạ bằng hình ảnh, câu chuyện và còn có phụ đề giải thích lại bằng tiếng Anh – Anh.

1. Never in a million years = not at any point
2. The black sheep = different, in a negative way
3. Driving everyone nuts = exasperate
4. Hung out = spend time with
5. Pull the wool over my parents’ eyes = deceive someone by hiding the truth
6. Went behind my parents’ backs = do something secretly
7. Caught red-handed = caught in the act of doing something wrong
8. In the heat of the moment = at a time when you are angry to think carefully
9. Wouldn’t hurt a fly = harm nothing or no one
10. Out of control = reckless or wild
11. Make a fool of myself = make yourself seem stupid
12. As pale as a ghost = extremely pale because of shock
13. Out of line = behave improperly
14. All that glitters is not gold = something might not be as it appears
15. Action speak louder than work = what you do is more important than what you say
16. Over my dead body = I will not allow you to do this
17. A couch potato = a person who watches a lot of television
18. Once in a blue moon = rarely
19. Play “the guitar” by ear = play a musical instrument without formal training
20. Caught my eye = attract one’s attention
21. All eyes and ears = listening and watching carefully
22. As quiet as a mouse = very quiet
23. The sky is the limit! = anything is possible
24. Think outside the box = think creatively
25. Make up my mind = decide to do something
26. Practice makes perfect! = you become better at something if you do it often
27. Bitten off more than I could chew = try to do something that is too difficult for you
28. Missed the mark = not achieve something you were trying to do
29. Do everything by book = do something exactly as the rules tell you
30. On a high note = in a successful way
31. Break their bad habits = end their bad habits
32. Starting from scratch = start from the very beginning
33. Scared of their own shadow = extremely nervous
34. As cool as a cucumber = very calm, especially in time of stress
35. Taken off = star to be successful
36. Keep track of = maintain a record of
37. Turn over a new leaf = make a fresh start
38. Brought me down to earth = make someone think more realistically


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