IELTS Listening: multiple choice keywords


The “keyword” idea is relevant to the listening test as well as the reading test. For example, try the question below and tell me which keywords gave you the answers.


Which TWO things can make the job of kitchen assistant stressful?

A  They have to follow orders immediately
B  The kitchen gets very hot
C  They may not be able to take a break
D  They have to do overtime
E  The work is physically demanding

Part of the recording:

Now you may have heard that this can be a stressful job, and I have to say that can be true. You’ll be working an eight-hour day for the first week, though you’ll have the chance to do overtime after that as well if you want to. But however long the hours are, you’ll get a break in the middle. What you will find is that you’re on your feet all day long, lifting and carrying, so if you’re not fit now you soon will be! You’ll find you don’t have much chance to take it easy – when someone tells you to do something, you need to do it straightaway – but at least we do have a very efficient air conditioning system compared with some kitchens.

(Source: Cambridge IELTS 12, test 5, section 2)