IELTS Listening Practice Test 22



Questions 1-3

Complete the description of the man $ briefcase using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS/LETTERS for each answer.

Very light brown briefcase, approx. 50 x 30 cm. Distinctive 1______________clasp on front. Red trimmings. Black 2_____________Initials 3______________on clasp.

Questions 4-7

Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR NUMBERS for each answer.

4. What ‘is the lost property number given to the man?

5. When does the lost property office open?

6. How is the man going to the airport next week?

7. What is to the left of the lost property office?

Questions 8-10

Complete the following sentences using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS NUMBERS for each answer.

8. What is the shortest time lost items are kept by the office?

9. How often does the office sell lost items?

10. Where does money from the December sale go?


Questions 11-14

Decide which method or methods of sending money abroad is/are being described. Write

A for international money order.

B for bank draft.

C for electronic transfer.

D for telegraphic transfer.

11. You need a local bank account to use this.

12. You can avoid a commission fee if you use a local bank and the local currency.

13. Using a local bank and the local currency will allow you to get access to your money sooner.

14 . This is the quickest way to send money abroad.

Questions 15-16

Complete the following summary about taking money out of your country.

Your government might 15 ___________________ of money in and out of your country, so you might need to find out how to 16________________to transfer money, if there is a limit on transfers and what regulations there are.

Questions 17-20

Complete the following notes about having enough money for your first few days abroad

Complete the following notes about having enough money for your first few days abroad

Advantages Disadvantages
Cash useful for 17________________ less secure
Travellers’ cheques insured against 18__________ can be 19__________ in some shops /restaurants not widely accepted
Credit cards widely accepted can get cash from bank machines may involve 20_____________ commission fee being charged


Questions 21-24

Complete the notes on the purposes of a lesson plan using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.


help with 21__________________

creates a focus

show material

clarifies 22__________________

reminder to put aims first

23___________ student problems

creates opportunities for solutions

brings lesson 24_______________

teacher-student interaction

distribution of time for each activity

reminder of materials

Questions 25-28

Complete the following notes on the example lesson plan.

Student level 25_____________________
Time 50 minutes
Class profile academic, 3-months study, improve spoken English
Aims elicit reading comprehension and speaking abilities for story telling, practice present simple and the past simple
Teacher’s aims 26____________________
Assumptions students can understand instructions
Anticipated problems students may not know some extreme sports 27________________
Solutions elicit differences using questions
Teaching aids textbook, blackboard, chalk, chalk eraser, pictures of 28______________ climbing

Questions 29-30

Answer the questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

29. When using books, what should the student definitely write down, apart from the title?

30. What does the tutor give the student a list of?


Questions 31-34

Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR NUMBERS for each answer.

31. Which three foreign languages are traditionally taught in the USA?

32. How old are the youngest schoolchildren learning Chinese?

33. How many students are learning the leading 15 languages?

34. What percentage of Europeans speak a second language?

Questions 35-38

Complete the following sentences using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

35. ___________________are secondary to cultural exchange at Potomac Elementary.

36. The young boy finds writing the strokes of Chinese characters in the_______________________to be difficult.

37. The lecturer says that children take more interest in learning if________________________do.

38. Apart from Chinese, the NEP focuses on_________________________

Questions 39-40

Decide which university student or students (A, B and/or C) is being referred to.

39. They have (He/ She has) been learning Chinese since they were 11 or younger.

40. They are (He/ She is) learning Chinese to help with their future career.

Answer keys:

Section 1, Questions 1-10

1. (bright) red
2. handle
3. AEJ
4. EDV 758
5. 6a.m./06:00
6. (by) underground/subway/tube
7. (large/electronic) departures board
8. 3/three months
9. twice a year
10. (to) children’s charities

Section 2, Questions 11-20

12. B
13. B
14. D
15. control the flow
16. get permission
17. (covering) small purchases
18. loss or theft
19. used like cash
20. (quite) substantial

Section 3, Questions 21-30

21. pace and timing
22. aims
23. highlights potential
24. coherence and cohesion
25. low-intermediate
26. avoid excessive instructions
27. vocabulary
28. rock and mountain
29. pages/page numbers
30. websites

Section 4, Questions 31-40

31. French, Spanish, German (NB in any order)
32. 6
33. 1.4 million/1400000
34. 52.7
35. weighty national priorities
36. right order
37. (their) parents
38. Arabic, Korean, Russian (NB in any order)
A, B,C
A, B,C