You will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40. The recordings will be played only once.

Section 1 is a conversation between the Doctor’s secretary and Patient who wants to make an appointment.

Section 2 is an introduction to group talk to Australia by a travel company manager.

Section 3 is a discussion between 2 students about a presentation they have to present in their psychology class.

Section 4 is a lecture on sales and marketing.

Section 1

Question 1-10

Complete the following sentences with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

Mr Jones want  an appointment with the doctor because he needs a______________.Example: medical examination

Question 1

Choose the correct letter, A -C

1. Mr Johns moved to Los Angeles____________.

A. two weeks ago

B. three days ago

C. two days ago

Question 2

Answer the question with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

2. When does Mr Johns have to go to his office?_____________.

Question 3

Choose the correct letter, A-C.

3. Mr Jones works for a(an)___________.

A. insurance company

B. medical company

C. real estate company

Question 4 and 5

Complete the following sentences with ONE WORD OR A NUMBER.

Mr Jones’ appointment with the doctor is at 4____________a.m on 5__________

Question 6-8

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

List any three medical tests that the insurance company requires Mr Jones to have. 6_________________ 7__________________ 8__________________

Question 9 and 10

Answer the following questions. Write ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer.

9. What is Mr Jones’ home telephone number, including the area code?_____________

10. What is the secretary’s first name?_________________

Section 2

Question 11-20

Questions 11-13

Complete the following sentences with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

11. Mr.Smith manages group tours to Australia, New Zealand and the__________________.

12. Morning Sun Travel did some ________________ and developed their new tour.

13. From the Five Seasons Hotel Sydney, one can clearly see a harbour, a bridge, and _____________.

Question 14

Choose the correct letter, A-C.

14. Mr.Smith says that to get used to the time difference, it is best to____________.

A. have a rest

B. visit a harbour

C. go outside

Question 15

Complete the following sentences with ONE WORD ONLY.

15. A wombat looks like a ___________with two short legs.

Question 16

Choose the correct letter, A-C.

16. After the visit to the Sydney Olympic Site, the tour group will return to downtown Sydney by _________

A. bus

B. boat

C. seaplane

Question 17

Answer the question is ONE WORD AND A NUMBER.

17. How high will the seaplane fly over Bondi Beach?______________

Question 18 and 19

Complete the sentence with ONE WORD for each answer.

Mr Smith says that, in addition to Italian and Chinese food, in Australian cities, one can find 18_______and 19__________cuisine.

Question 20

Answer the question in ONE WORD.

20. After Sydney, what is the destination on the tour itinerary?____________

Section 3

Question 21-30

Question 21-23

Choose Three letters, A-F.

21. Why is Ann late preparing her talk?

A. Her mother is ill.

B. The doctor says Ann should do all the cooking and clean for her mother.

C. Ann and her mother can’t pay for extra help.

D. the neighbours are all too busy to help her mother.

F. She spends too much time playing computer games.

Question 24 and 25

Complete the following sentence with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

When studying 24___________in high school, Bill read about an experiment on how wearing a uniform can change people’s 25__________.

Question 26 and 27

Choose the correct letter, A-C.

26. Bill thinks that the professor is from_________.

A. University of America

B. University of California

C. University of Los Angles

27. The police took the students to a________.

A. school

B. prison

C. police station

Question 28 and 29

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Why does Bill say the ‘arrested’ students didn’t know the other students?

A. They hadn’t been introduced.

B. They went to different schools.

C. To prevent them realising they were there for the experiment they had signed up for.

D. The other students were in uniform.

E. The professor didn’t want them to know each other.

Question 30

Complete the following sentence with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

30. Bill says the ‘prisoners’ started having__________________.

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Question 31 and 32

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

The lecturer will talk about_____________.

A. the media

B. the Internet

C. types of message

D. Yahoo

E. advertising

Question 33 and 34

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

The speaker says effective advertising depends on the right 33_________ and the 34____________.

Question 35

Choose ONE letter, A-C.

35. Advertisers always want to change people’s

A. buying habits

B. life

C. working habits

Question 36-40

Complete the sentences with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

People usually buy 36_______________because they recognise the name of the manufacture. The speaker says that Shell has purchased a 37_____________ and marketed a beer they called 38______Video Store handed out cards with a 39__________ and a 40_________of the store locations of them.


Section 1

1. C

2. next Monday

3. C

4. 9

5. Thursday

6. ECG

7. Blood pressure

8. Urine

9. 8055230296

10. Rebecca

Section 2 

11. South Sea Islands

12. (market) research

13. Opera house

14. C

15. bear

16. B

17. 500 ft

18. Greek

19. Mexican

20. Melbourne

Section 3

21. A

22. C

23. D

24. social studies

25. personalities

26. B

27. A

28. B

29. C

30. nervous breakdown

Section 4

31. C

32. E

33. type

34. message

35. A

36. various products

37. brewery

38. Grandad’s old ale

39. message

40. list

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