[IELTS Ha Noi] Tài liệu Practice Tests Plus for IELTS speaking and listening


Các bài Practice Tests Plus được xuất bản bởi Longman – Pearson Education, bao gồm các tài liệu hình ảnh âm thanh và màu sắc cho phép sinh viên thực hành luyện thi nói và nghe IELTS tại nhà.


Practice Tests Plus books published by Longman – Pearson Education, include audio and colour visual materials allowing students to practise for IELTS speaking and listening papers at home.

This IELTS Practice Test Plus 3 Book is the 3rd edition in the family of IELTS Practice Test Plus (1, 2, 3) written by Vanessa Jakeman (author of some famous books for IELTS preparation including Cambridge IELTS 1The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS New Insight into IELTSAction Plan for IELTSStep Up To IELTS). It has some main features as follows:

  • Cambridge IELTS Series (1 – 14) for Academic and General Training Modules
  • Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic with Answers (Ebook & Audio)
  • IELTS Speaking Topics & Questions – Full 3 Parts (Ebook)
  • The Key To IELTS Success by Pauline Cullen (Ebook)
  • Cambridge IELTS 13 Academic & General Training With Answers With Audio
  • 7 IELTS Practice Tests reflect the real tests
  • Sample answer sheets and a guide to the exam so your students know what to expect
  • Answer key and audioscript to support teachers doing exam practice in class.
  • Authentic examples of the speaking exam
  • Writing samples
  • Teaching tips and activity ideas
  • Interactive phonetics chart


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Source: https://ieltsmaterial.com/ielts-practice-test-plus-3-pdf-with-audio-answer-key/