Speaking (Communication / Celebrations)


Idioms & Expressions:


drop me a line (verb; this means to get in touch with someone via written means)

I recently dropped a line to my old best friend.


hit me up (verb; casual way of saying “contact me” or “get in touch with me”)

Hit me up if you want to hang out later on.


keep me posted (verb; to keep someone updated on events as they develop)

Keep me posted on how the party preparations are going.


go dark (verb; this means to purposefully get out of contact)

I’m going dark this weekend, so if you have a question, just wait until Monday.


birthday bash (noun; this is another word for a birthday party)

My birthday bash was great. All my friends showed up.


shindig (noun; a casual word for a party)

We’re having a little shindig this Saturday at 8:00.


a hell of a time (an expression that explains that everyone had a great time at a party or event) My wedding was awesome. Everyone had a hell of a time.

let (one’s) hair down (an expression that refers to enjoying yourself)

Come out to the bar on Friday night and let your hair down.


a hell of a time (an expression that means someone is really enjoying something)

My wedding was awesome. Everyone showed up and had a hell of a time.


cut loose (verb; means to enjoy yourself)

At the party, everyone cut loose and danced all night.


Part I: Group Discussion

How do you usually contact your friends?

I think all my communication is exclusively through Facebook messenger. I rarely make a phone call or send a text message. It’s better to have everything consolidated in one place on Facebook.

Who do you contact more, friends or family?

I contact friends more. I live far away from my family and we only get in touch with each other every few weeks or so.

Do you prefer to communicate with people via smartphone or talk to them in person?

It’s better to hang out in person, but I’m too busy to see people often. So I end up just messaging them to stay updated.


Part II: Individual Presentations


Describe a party that you enjoyed. You should say:

Whose party it was and what it was celebrating

I went on a ski trip the winter before last. I was in Korea and joined a group of hikers who were going skiing for the weekend. We skied all day on Saturday, and then afterward we all hung out and had a party in a ski lodge.

 Where the party was held and who went to it

The party was in a big house in the mountains. It had two floors and lots of big rooms. There were about forty people there, and they were all around my age and they were all English teachers, like me. So it was really cool to hang out with people who were at a similar point in their lives.

What people did during the party

We had some beer and cooked a big dinner. And while we ate and drank, we mingled and got to know each other. Someone was playing music on a stereo, and we also played some card games. We stayed up until about 4:00 am, so it’s safe to say we were all having a good time!

And what you enjoyed about this party

I just enjoyed it because it was good to get out and meet people. In Korea, I lived in a small town and didn’t have many people around me. My schedule was also quite busy, so I didn’t have a lot of time to go out and be social. So this party was great because I finally had a chance to meet some new people.


Part III: Class Discussion

What are the main reasons people organize family parties in your country?

For any reason. People need to celebrate. Graduations, weddings – there are a lot of reasons to have parties.

In some places people spend a lot of money on parties that celebrate special family events. Is this true in your country? Do you think this is a good trend or a bad trend?

If people have the money, they like to celebrate in more lavish ways. I think there is a certain level where it becomes too much and excessive, though.

Are there many differences between family parties and parties given by friends? Why do you think this is?

Who cares? It doesn’t matter who you celebrate with. A celebration with the people you love is the same, no matter who those people are – blood relatives or friends.

What kinds of national celebrations do you have in your country?


In America, our biggest celebrations are Christmas and Thanksgiving. We also celebrate the 4th of July, but not to as much of an extent. We like to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving because they give us a chance to go home and reconnect with our families.


Who tend to enjoy national celebrations more: young people or old people? Why?


When people are kids, they like holidays a lot more, since it means that they get some time off from school. But as people get older, things get more stressful, since you have to worry about planning a family gathering, and you have to worry about transportation to and from your family home!


Some people think that national celebrations/festivals are a waste of government money. Would you agree or disagree? Why?


I disagree. There is a famous quote that says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This means that rest and leisure are necessary. And the best time to relax is on a holiday. So, I think it’s essential for a government to promote and celebrate holidays, if only to give people a chance to recover from the daily grind.