Speaking Part 1– Topic: Maths


1.Is math difficult for you to learn?

Totally! I tend to have a more abstract (illogical) brain, so I am more apt (able) to subjects like art, literature, or music. Math was always the class I would dread (not look forward to) all day. Actually, I even failed Geometry in high school.

2. Do you like math?

To be honest, I was not really into Math when I was young because I found it  extremely tedious. But when I got into high school, I gradually found myself more comfortable when studying Math and usually got high marks in this subject and this just made me keen on learning Math even more.

3.Do you think females are good at maths?

Hmm, I can’t say. I haven’t noticed whether one gender is better than the other at Maths. However, I’ve heard the stereotype that women don’t tend to think as logically as men, so maybe this affects their mathematical abilities.

4. At what age did you start studying mathematics?

Well, I can’t exactly remember, but Math is a compulsory subject in primary school. All children have to learn this complex subject from the first grade. So I probably learnt simple addition at that age.

5. Do you like to use a calculator?

Yes, I do love using a calculator to make everything simpler! It allows me to calculate numbers more quickly without having to thinking much. I just need to input the figures into the calculator, then the right answers are displayed on the screen.

6. Who taught you math?

My teachers, with my parents’ help at home. It all started with very basic equations like “If I take away one of these jelly beans, how many are there?”, which my parents practiced with me at home, also. But, first and foremost, it started at school.

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