Speaking (Various Topics)


Idioms & Expressions:

raining cats and dogs (to be raining very hard)

It was raining cats and dogs outside this week.


a breeze (a noun that means that something went very easily)

I had been worried about the math test, but it turned out to be a breeze.


rained in/snowed in (verbs that mean that you are stuck somewhere due to rain or snow)

Sorry I can’t come over tonight; I am snowed in.


come rain or shine (an expression used to describe the certainty of something happening)

Come rain or shine, I will be there at your wedding!


diehard fan (noun; someone who is extremely loyal to a particular sports team and always supports them)

I’ve been a diehard New England Patriots fan for my whole life.


bandwagon fans/fair weather fans (nouns; these are people who only root for a sports team when it is successful)

Currently, the Golden State Warriors have many bandwagon fans.


under the weather (expression meaning that someone is sick, or not feeling very well)


right as rain (this expression means the opposite, that you are feeling perfectly healthy)

He was feeling under the weather, but now he’s right as rain.


an apple a day keeps the doctor away (an old expression that means that if you eat healthy food, you won’t get sick)


clean bill of health (an expression that means a doctor has said you are perfectly healthy)

I was in bad shape after my bike crash, but now I’m back on my feet! The doctor gave me a clean bill of health


the picture of health (this phrase describes someone who looks perfectly healthy)

She has a good diet and exercises regularly – she’s the picture of health.


on the mend (this phrase describes someone who is in the process of recovering from an illness or injury)

I’m finally on the mend after being sick for three weeks.


going under the knife (an expression that means you are having surgery)

I’m very nervous, because today I’m going under the knife to get my knee surgery.


your number is up (this phrase means it’s your turn to die – we also say “when your number’s up, it’s up)

He got the surgery, but unfortunately, his number was up and he didn’t survive it.


Part I: Group Discussion:

Where do you think is the best place to live in your country?

I’d love to live in Colorado. It’s in the West of the country. There are mountains, plains and beautiful quiet cities. It’s the only place in America I can picture myself living in.


Do you watch or play any sports?

No I like to go to the gym and lift weights. After I’m done with that, I practice boxing and then go running. Beyond, that I don’t really play sports. I prefer to watch sports. I like to watch the professional athletes, because they’re good at their sport at a level that I can’t really even comprehend. I don’t really enjoy playing sports because I’m not very good at them! I used to play tennis a lot, but I wasn’t good enough to play on a team. I also used to run cross-country, which I was decent at, but again, not good enough to really run for a serious team. I do like watching NFL football on TV, whenever I have the chance.


How can we encourage younger people to play more sports?

I think that parents should be in charge of this. Many kids get inspired to play sports by seeing them played on TV, though. This is good, because competition and exercise are both good things for students.


Do you think it’s important for a country to preserve historic areas in countries (Why?)

I think there’s no reason a city can’t have both older buildings and modern ones. As cities stretch and evolve, they have to keep up with the pace of humanity and also the future. Therefore, new buildings and installations will always be built. But older buildings should be kept intact when possible.

What’s your favorite kind of weather?

I prefer cloudy days. I’m not sure why this is, but I’ve never really liked sunny days. I think it’s because I hate hot weather, and when it’s sunny, it’s also usually hot.

What sort of pollution problems do you think the world will face in the future?

In the future, we will have huge problems with polluted rivers and lakes, environmental devastation, and clean air. There are no easy solutions to these issues, and many of them stem from overpopulation and excessive consumption of resources.


Part II: Individual Presentations

Describe a place that you like. You should say:

Where this place is

When you first went there

What do you do or did there

And explain why this place is so special for you

There was a café I liked going to. When I was in South Korea, there a little café on my street called “The Gallery.” A young Korean man owned the place and he was always really kind to me. He’d give me free refills on my coffee, and every so often he’d bring me out a free plate of cookies or even a slice of pizza. It made for a really nice, pleasant atmosphere, and I went there almost every day. I appreciated it so much that I started leaving a little money on my table as a tip for him each day. In Korea, tipping is not customary, but I decided that it was worth it for me to leave him a little money in exchange for his accommodation.



Describe an injury or accident that has happened to you. You should say”

When and where it happened

How it happened

What happened afterward

And how you felt about it.

Part III: Pair Interviews

  1. What is the best thing about living in your country? And what is the worst thing?
  2. Do you think a country’s health system should be free? (Why/Why not?)

Part IV: Class Discussion

Describe the health system in your country.

America has a very complex healthcare system. Basically, you have to purchase health insurance before you can receive healthcare. But there are many, many options for insurance plans that you can purchase, and it takes a lot of time to select the right one. However, if you don’t purchase insurance, then your healthcare bills will be extremely expensive. The more expensive your insurance plan is, the better your healthcare is.

What’s the procedure for seeing a doctor in your country?

It is fairly simple – you just need to call the doctor’s office and schedule an appointment. If you have a serious problem, then it’s best to go straight to the hospital and visit the Emergency Room. Once you are there, the doctors can begin to treat you.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of your country’s healthcare program?

Our country’s healthcare system is very expensive, and so even with insurance, many people cannot get the care they need. For example, if you are poor and need a heart transplant, you will probably not be able to afford the operation. However, if you are middle-class or above, you can easily afford much of the care and medication you will need throughout your life.