Writing Task 2: Media


Task 2: The media should include more stories which report good news. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Essay Plan:

• Introduction: refer to the opinion. Partly agree.

• Paragraph 2: agree with more reporting of good news. Positive impact on public morale – example, new cancer treatments

• Paragraph 3: tragic news must still be fully covered by the media. (1) people should know about civil wars, natural disasters (2) e.g. environmental issues -there is more bad news to report than good news. Media must act as a watchdog.

• Conclusion: more publicity for positive messages; full coverage must continue for reporting bad news.


It is sometimes argued that news coverage should focus more on good news. While I partly agree with this view, I also consider that bad news should continue to be reported when necessary.

There is a good case for believing that good news is under-reported. It is rare to read a positive story which makes front page headlines. Yet it is surely essential that the public are kept informed about some of the good things which are happening in the world. In recent years, for example, breakthroughs have been achieved in the treatment of certain types of cancer. It should form part of editorial policy to carry stories such as these, because they have a positive impact on public morale.

However, it would be misguided to introduce restrictions on the reporting of tragic news events. Civil wars and natural disasters, for example, may sadden viewers and readers, but they are an unfortunate reality of the world today. While sensational journalism may at times exaggerate, it is important for the public to keep abreast of these happenings in order to have some informed knowledge of contemporary issues. Sadly, for instance, there is relatively little good news to report on the host of environmental issues facing the world. If these problems are ignored by the media, in the interests of reporting cheerful news, then the chances will surely increase of an ecological crisis. The media must act as watchdogs in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

In conclusion, while I agree that important positive messages should be given more publicity, it is also necessary for the media to continue reporting all the significant bad news in the world today.

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Media and advertising:

• news coverage
Meaning: the reporting of news in newspapers, on the TV, the internet or the radio.

Example: The US presidential elections usually receive global news coverage, as the results are of interest to many people worldwide.

• to make front page headlines
Meaning: to be an important item of news in the media

Example: It seems that every insignificant event in the lives of celebrities makes front page headlines.

• editorial policy
Meaning: the policy of a newspaper, TV or radio station, as decided by the person in charge of producing the newspaper or programme

Example: The editorial policy of a newspaper determines whether serious news items are reported in a responsible way.

• to carry a story
Meaning: to include an item in a news report

Example: The media today carries too many stories about celebrities, such as pop stars or footballers.

• sensational journalism
Meaning: reporting which tries to get your interest by presenting facts or events as more shocking or worse than they are

Example: Unfortunately, sensational journalism has resulted in much public distrust of the media.


• to introduce restrictions on
Meaning: to limit what people can do or what can happen

Example: The government must introduce restrictions on smoking in public


Communication and personality:

• to keep abreast of
Meaning: to have the most recent information about something

Example: The new website helps doctors to keep abreast of the latest available



• an ecological crisis
Meaning: a serious situation that occurs when the environment of a species or a population changes in a way that endangers its continued survival Example: Environmental degradation caused by human activity is provoking an ecological crisis that threatens our existence.

• climate change
Meaning: changes in climate patterns, such as rainfall, temperature and winds

Example: Unless we consume fewer of the Earth’s natural resources, it will be impossible to fight climate change and safeguard our future.

• environmental degradation
Meaning: the process or fact of the environment becoming worse

Example: Africa is a continent in which environmental degradation is evident in

the spread of deserts and the extinction of animal species.

Other vocabulary:
• breakthrough [noun] Meaning: a new and important discovery

Example: The work of Charles Darwin was a breakthrough in our understanding of how evolution has taken place.

• a host of [expression] Meaning: a large number of

Example: When deciding on a subject to study at university, young people today can choose from a host of possibilities.

• watchdog [noun] Meaning: a person or group of people whose job is to check that everything is being done legally and in the interests of the general public Example: The organisation acts as a watchdog to protect consumer interests by exposing the activities of companies which are cheating the public.

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